Virt@ - MA eLearning Programme

The School of Art Education has carried out several years a master degree e-learning programme Virt@ to provide qualification for teachers in visual arts. The studies are based on the students former artist or teacher education and experience in teaching art. Because the education is mostly organized in the form of web-based studies, it is able to carry out alongside one’s own artist and teacher work. The students are living around Finland and will complete the degree of Master of Arts in 3 years.

The Virt@, based on the use of VLEs and ICT tools in education, has been a great opportunity to explore and to develop innovative design for e-learning and e-pedagogy in art and design education, and it has also generated several interesting e-learning projects, some of which are also international.

At its best the use of ICT and VLEs may also be an effective tool to renew the leadership and working culture of an educational institution, from individual work to collaborative, inspiring knowledge sharing and building. I will also open new creative ways of cooperation in course production and teaching.